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Yoga Social Suffolk

Yoga has changed my life. I was a busy busy busy mum. Despite the motto on our kitchen wall commanding "DO LESS BETTER", we never did!

Fast forward 3 years: a life changing move from Hackney to Suffolk,  a massive renovation of a farm house, juggling my work as an interior designer and University lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts, being a mum, madly exercising and generally busying myself from the endless chatter inside my brain to DO SOMETHING, I struggled with life. 

So after much soul searching and diagnoses, I found myself desperate to take control of ME...

And then YOGA CAME, Meditation came, and I felt me at last.

Change happened and I can literally say that over the past 2 years, Joy has come into my life through Yoga.  

So, being a newby to Suffolk, and feeling low as the seasons changed and the nights draw in, I thought "why not create something that brings people together?". 

Yoga social comes from a thought that we can give ourselves  and our families the gift of yoga but also to get together, make friends, chat, laugh,  cry and not take ourselves too seriously!

I would love you to join me!

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Outside view of Abbey Farm Studio
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